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6 Ways for Bloggers to Make a Great Impression in Meeting

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6 Tips Bloggers to Make a Great Impression in Meetings

As per experts and research, an individual takes just 33 to 100 milliseconds to judge anyone. Moreover, a single look on a person’s face is enough to develop a first impression about them. Obviously, such a small amount of time is not accurate and correct when judging anyone, but it is human nature that cannot be changed. When it comes to the profession of blogger, the impression game is very important because their major work runs on connection. 

Social media is obviously a place where bloggers are being judged, but apart from this, they are also judged during meet-and-greet sessions. No doubt that a blogger put their heart and soul into their online content through voice, editing, and colors, but all these can become dull if your real-life interaction is not powerful.

Doesn’t matter whether you are a new blogger or a well-known one; stepping out of the camera and coming in front of everyone in real life can be nerve-wracking, so to help you out, we are here with 6 essential strategies to ensure that your meet and read session goes great. 

1. Pre-Event Preparation 

To make your meet and greet a successful one, pre-event preparation is the key. To make an event effective, start preparing yourself before it for 100% results. The very first thing is to know about your audience. Research about the audience that will be attending the event, like their preferences and interests. This will help you start the conversation and take the event further.

Moreover, prepare an interesting and engaging introduction with a creative mind. Keep in note that your introduction should be funny and must represent your blog’s purpose. Also, do not make the introduction too long, as it can bore the audience. Always prepare the key notes that will start the conversation and keep it going, especially for those awkward moments in the starting. Prepare yourself and get digital business cards so that the audience can stay in connection with you even after the event. 

2. Dress Accordingly 

The first impression of an individual is greatly affected by their clothing style. What you are wearing to this meet and greet will allow the people to judge you accordingly. Research also says that people are greatly affected by your appearance, whether they believe in it or not.

So, before the final day, do a little research and find out whether the meet and greet is professional or personal. After getting an idea, decide what you will be wearing. Do not dress too over or too casually; maintain a healthy balance in between for a better approach. 

3. Be Warm and Welcoming 

A meet and greet is all about welcoming people and knowing each other. Without a warm and welcoming gesture, you will not be able to impress people around you. So, the moment you start speaking, make regular eye contact with each individual, as it is a sign of honesty and respect.

Moreover, it will make others realize that you are confident and ready to serve. Put a sincere smile on your face, as this will make people feel welcome. Don’t fake a smile, as it will be visible; try to put a natural smile on your face. Study a little about the importance of the right body language and take it into action during the event. 

4. Good Communicator 

During a public event, it is important to be a good communicator. However, being a good communicator doesn’t mean that you keep on talking. It means talking one-third as much as you listen. As per experts, a good communicator is not one who speaks a lot but someone who listens actively and lets others speak. This will not only make other people feel heard but it will also make them think that you are being attentive and you give importance to others as well.

In addition, do not forget that meet and greet is a two-way communication. So, listen thoughtfully to your audience’s concerns and interests and take their feedback positively. By the end of the event, show your audience that their voice is important to you and you appreciate their support no matter what. 

5. Show Your Experience 

People usually attend the off-screen meet and greet to get to know their favorite in person and to learn more about their personal lives and experiences. So, be ready to share your experience, answering their questions, insights, stories, and some secrets. However, while doing this, do not brag or sound it in a way that you are showing off.

This will make your audience think that you are way too proud and will make them lose interest in you and your work. Also keep in mind not to share way too much. Keep a balance in between and try to talk more formally with some jokes and gags in between. If anyone from the audience wants to get some knowledge for their startup as a blogger, do help them without any second thought. 

6. Use Social Media 

During meet and greet, sitting and talking could be boring to some extent. You need to have something that keeps the audience connected and interested in the event and makes them look forward to it. This can be done with the help of social media.

Prepare a ppt of some interesting videos, blogs, and photos related to the event and represent them in front of the audience. This will create a buzz among the audience, and they will enjoy the event to the fullest. Moreover, to capture the spirit of the event, promote designated hashtags and leave a lasting impression on the audience by offering them a small thank-you gift or giveaways. 

If you prepare everything properly, your meet and greet session will go smoothly and nicely. Make it more memorable, effective, and put a long lasting impression on the audience with the help of the tips mentioned above. Keep in mind that the main objective of these meetings is to create a sense of community and genuine connections, so use the strategies listed above to push yourself beyond your comfort zone and show off your unique personality.

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