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Crowdfire Review: Features, Pricing, Alternatives (2024)

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Crowdfire Review

Maintaining a robust online presence for brand recognition has become massively crucial for companies, businesses, and individuals. To do that, you need to be active on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. What if we tell you, you can manage all your social media presence from a single intuitive and compelling platform?

Whether content creation, publishing and sharing content, or even scheduling when and what to share, Crowdfire can do it for you. Therefore, we are discussing an in-depth review of this excellent Social Media Management Solution. Without delay, let’s start.

What is Crowdfire?

Simply put, Crowdfire makes your life easier if you run more than one social media platform and can help you manage your content across all your channels, making sharing and scheduling content very easy. The best part is that it also gives you proper analytical tools to see how you lag behind your competitors and what pointers you need to return to the game.

Consider it a sidekick of your online adventures, helping you expand your business by reaching out to as many viewers and consumers as possible. Not just that, it helps you find related content on the web that you can share with your readers and keep an active online presence maintaining your brand’s presence. 

What are the Prime Features and Services Crowdfire Offers?

Crowdfire has a massive number of features, and here are some key ones that you should be aware of.

  • Easily link to multiple social media platforms and accounts, manage DMs, and track all mentions from a single place.
  • Queue your scheduled posts.
  • Access to relevant content based on preferences.
  • Manage the success of your brand’s content with analytic tools and get regular reports.
  • Best for teams and agencies that can manage a single account by multiple individuals.
  • Compare and monitor your competitor with the best infographics.
  • Manage your brand’s social media presence on the go with mobile apps.
  • Simple and easy integration with most social media platforms

It can also be used for many other features, but before buying subs, do your due diligence as Twitter has recently banned Crowdfire’s API, as most platforms dislike auto-following and liking. Therefore, read the features accessible with different plans, in the pricing section below, to see if this works out for you.

How to Efficiently Use Crowdfire?

We will start with a Basic walkthrough for this social media management tool so you can start using the tool.

  • Sign in to the platform using your registered account from any Android or iOS device by visiting Crowdfire’s Official webpage.
  • First, you should choose topics that are brand and audience relevant which Crowdfire will recommend regularly.
  • If you don’t find a relevant topic keyword, you can add a new one by typing in the search bar and pressing ‘plus sign,’ and adding.
  • You can press the green “Share” button above any article to share or dots to block the sources you don’t like.
  • In the share window, edit what you want to post individually or the same for each platform.
  • Preview the content before posting.
  • The next option is to choose between “Post Now,” “Post at Best Time,” and “Post at Custom Time.”
  • Choose according to your preference.

If you want to learn more about other aspects and step-by-step guides, go to their Watch and Learn page to start instantly. Moreover, if you feel difficulty at any point when using the product; be sure to contact Customer Support of Crowdfire.

Crowdfire Pricing & Cost

As Crowdfire is a SaSS platform for social media management, there are different plans you can adopt and even a free plan. The following are the details of the cost and pricing on Crowdfire.

Plan Price/Mo Social Accounts Types of Accounts Scheduled Posts per Account Ad Supported? Other Features
Free None 4 Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram x 1 10 Yes
  • Creation of Articles
  • Multiple image posts
  • Easy image curation
  • Analytics
Plus $9.99 10 Total of 10 from any platform and any number 100 No
  • Same as Free
  • 5 RSS Feeds connected
  • Custom schedule posting
  • Video posts
  • Post analytics
Plus $49.99 25 Total of 25 from any platform and any number 100 No
  • Same as Free and Plus
  • 15 RSS Feeds connected
  • Basic advanced and post analytics
  • Competitor analysis
  • Monitor and reply to mentions
  • Schedule with calendar view
  • Can add & manage one profile and team member
VIP $99.99 250 Total of 250 from any platform and any number 800 No
  • Same as Free
  • Plus, Premium
  • 25 RSS Feeds connected.
  • Can add & manage two profiles and team members

Crowdfire Pros and Cons

Now that you know about salient features, what Crowdfire can be used for and efficiently, and finally, what amazing plans and services it offers. Now let’s look at some critical Pros and Cons to help you choose the service.


  • Scheduling suggestions for automatic posts
  • Easily tailor your posts in the single view
  • Manage all your social media platforms from the landing page.


  • Linking accounts is a bit cumbersome
  • Sometimes, even simple processes can take much time to set up.

Customer Reviews over the Internet

According to users online, the website is best for the following aspects they commonly use.

  • Social media platform management.
  • Great for agencies who want to enhance their brand recognition.
  • Individual digital marketers and entrepreneurial startups can use powerful features to expand their user base.

Best on user reviews, the following are the aggregated ratings.

  • Features – 3.2
  • Ease of Usage – 4.3
  • Support provided – 4
  • Value for Money – 3.8
  • Overall Score – 3.8

Our Verdict on Crowdfire: What Our Review Says?

Crowdfire’s simple, user-friendly layout struck us. Everything seemed obvious and readily apparent, with one noticeable exception, and it was undoubtedly simple to use. The only issue is when you clock out and cannot log back in. They do make their warnings apparent. However, it needs to be clarified how to get back in.

Crowdfire is particularly adept at handling the content. We liked how you can integrate almost all your media feeds – blogs, websites, online stores, YouTube accounts, Twitch streams, and more. Crowdfire is constantly looking for fresh material on various content channels and attempting to produce posts tailored to your social channels.

Crowdfire also works nicely with emerging social media platforms. It began as a Twitter app, but it has since expanded to include additional sites such as TikTok. It also recognizes the fundamental importance of photos in today’s world, with Instagram and Pinterest prominently included – far more than glaring oversights as they are in some other apps. While Crowdfire lacks some detailed features in larger apps like Sprout Social or Agora Pulse, it excels in a narrower feature set.

Are There Any Crowdfire Alternatives?

When it comes to the benefits and key features similar to Crowdfire, there are many alternatives that you can explore and choose for yourself. Hop on below to have a look at some of the best ones!

Create a memorable social media presence. From a single powerful control panel, you can plan, schedule, analyze, and engage. Buffer assists you in naturally growing your fan base. They are a values-driven business that provides accessible, user-friendly marketing solutions to ambitious individuals and teams.

Do you only need one tool for overseeing all of your content advertising? Check out StoryChief! Employee campaigning, blogs, and social media, with a few clicks, you can share the material to all of your social media accounts and channels. With it, you can control your online presence from a single platform.

Hootsuite uses social media platforms to help you establish your company’s identity, strengthen customer interactions, and create actual business outcomes. Save time and receive Genuine social media results. Hootsuite makes it way simpler than you think!


Let’s now have a look at some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Crowdfire!

Does Crowdfire Have Negative Reviews?

While many professionals and companies have used the service, most of the time, there aren’t as many negative reviews as possible. The users only share what aspects they need help with or have issues with. 

For example, some believe the price hikes don’t consider loyal members, or sometimes the app doesn’t respond, and some even say they hate the delay in their scheduled posts. 

Is Crowdfire Legit or Scam? 

There hasn’t been any post about Crowdfire being a scam, and most users recommend using it to manage their social media platforms. The only issue some users have is the amount of spamming Crowdfire does, and they have no control over it. Otherwise, it is a perfectly legit company that provides all the services it promotes.

Are Other Services Better than Crowdfire and its Competitors? 

It depends on what services you require. If you talk about providing you with relevant content and the ability to share that content with your followers, Crowdfire is pretty solid. Otherwise, it would have fewer users. So if Crowdfire is giving you the service you require, then good; otherwise, there are tons of similar services, some of which we have mentioned above. Here are some others that you can try out.

  • ContentStudio
  • CoSchedule Marketing Suite
  • AgoraPulse
  • Later
  • Sprout Social

Where Can I Find More Crowdfire Reviews?

Many websites on the internet share reviews from users and professionals and share essential highlights and alternatives of apps like Crowdfire. One such website is Capterra which you can visit by following this link.

Is Crowdfire Free Trial Available? 

If you go to our pricing section in this article, you will see that we have shared quite a few details about the pricing plans. At the top of that section, we share all the features you can have in the Free version and which best features aren’t available.

But if you want to try the full Premium features, you can try all the features for Free and without any credit card information for 14 days. You can Try Crowdfire page and see which unique features you can try.

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