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18 TikTok Mom Influencers That Are Setting New Examples

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TikTok Mom Influencers

If you’re a mom, you might have found yourself scrolling through TikTok in search of relatable content and parenting tips. Everything is so online these days, we can’t blame you for trying to find a quick solution that’s just fingertips away. You’re not alone either. Countless people have been searching for TikTok mom influencers for either inspiration or help.

Be it for help in raising children or managing their life with household chores, TikTok has become a hub for all moms from all over the world. If you find yourself looking for top mom influencers on TikTok.

Here is the List of the TikTok Mom Influencers

1. AbbieHerbert (@abbieherbert)

@abbieherbert I CANT BELIEVE THIS 😭 IB @izzy darnell ♬ hi pls follow me x – soph

One of the most popular TikTok mom influencers today, who has gained a huge following over time is Abbie Herbert. She has more than 15.5 million followers and counting today. Herbert is known for her relatable content that inspires every mom who wants to have a career at a later stage of life. Abbie also has a YouTube channel with her husband Josh Herbert.

Abbie’s TikTok content usually revolves around lifestyle & fashion. She is the perfect example of how just being a mom doesn’t have to take any opportunities away from you.

👥 15.5 Million Followers

2. LauraLove (@lauralove5514)

@lauralove5514 Well… Atleast I have a few more falls to add to my fall compilation 😭😂 we can definitely say that I’ve been humbled 😭 #fyp #foryou #skating #rollerskate #rollerskating #redeemingmyinnerchild #momlife #parents #singlemom #startingover #newhouse #moving #momsontiktok ♬ original sound – LauraLove

One of the mom TikTok influencers who has made waves recently for one reason or another is Laura Love. One of the first TikTok videos of her that went viral featured her 1.5-year-old toddler son preparing breakfast for himself.

The video left moms all over the world amazed and inspired. While not everyone supported it, many praised Laura’s mothering skills. She regularly posts parenting tips and her routines on her channel. Her TikTok account has over 7.9 million followers today.

👥 7.9 Million Followers

3. Maia Knight (@maiaknight)

@maiaknight♬ original sound – Maia Knight

Maia Knight has been serving as an inspiration for single mothers all over the world for years. Knight is a mother of twin daughters who she has raised on her own and has done an amazing job at it.

She posts short videos about her daily lifestyle and her routine as a single mother of two, among other random content. You will also find parenting tips in her videos which include feeding practices, hygiene, and more. Knight’s TikTok account has over 7.9 million followers at this point.

👥 7.9 Million Followers

4. Ebony & Denise (@team2moms)

@team2moms “This is simple!” – says a 5 year old. 🥹♥️ #trend #mostviewed ♬ original sound – Ebony & Denise

Ebony and Denise are a lesbian couple that has been breaking boundaries and inspiring multiple demographics at the same time for a while. Be it the LGBTQ+ community or the people of color, the couple is an inspiration for everyone. Ebony is also among the more popular black TikTok influencers when it comes to the mother side of the platform.

The couple has become collectively known as Team2Moms and is known for their variety of content. It includes but is not limited to parenting tips, routines, life as a lesbian couple, and more.

👥 6.9 Million Followers

5. Jessica Woo (@sulheejessica)

@sulheejessica Is this brunch? #fyp #Letsmakelunchformykids #lunchboxideas #bentobox #schoollunch #hungry #tiktokuniversity #got2bStyled #MakeTheLeap #momsoftiktok ♬ original sound – Jessica Woo

Jessica Woo is a mom TikTok influencer who has gained a massive following for her creative and fun food videos on the internet. If you are looking for parenting influencers who make lighthearted content, follow her on @sulheejessica. She has over 5.7 million followers there and the mother of three regularly shares fun content there.

She first went viral for her adorable and colorful bento boxes. These days she showcases fun recipes and even includes her children in some of her videos. Jessica’s unique approach to food has captured the hearts of many, and she continues to inspire moms all over the world.

👥 5.7 Million Followers

6. Matt & Abby (@matt_and_abby)

Matt and Abby is a TikTok account run in collaboration by a married couple Abby and Matt Howard. The couple’s channel has over 5.3 million followers and their videos have been viewed over 550 million times so far.

You can give them a follow if you want to see videos about their married life and their journey as parents. Abby herself posts more usually on the channel about her new life as a mother. The content consists of tips, tricks, memes, and more.

👥 5.3 Million Followers

7. Emily Vondy (@thevondyfam)

Emily Vondy is a mom and one of the top TikTok influencers who uses her platform to share her passion for being a mom and her lifestyle. With her energetic and upbeat personality, Emily makes content that is easy and fun to consume. She shares her workouts, fashion tips, parenting content, and much more on her TikTok account.

Emily’s content is not only about just her but also about her kids and her family. Emily’s positive content and attitude automatically make her a likable person and that’s why people love her. You can find her at @emilyvondy on TikTok where she has over 2.3 million followers.

👥 2.3 Million Followers

8. Cecily Bauchmann (@cecilybauchmann)

Next up, we introduce you to Cecily Bauchmann, one of the best mom influencers on TikTok from the United States. She is a mother of four kids and her kids and husband are regularly featured on her channel. Her content usually revolves around her routines and her family.

Her routine videos include her showcasing her makeup practices, mom hacks, parenting tips, and even more. You can also follow her for fashion advice Cecily is a pro-fashion person herself and regularly posts styles and outfits.

👥 2.2 Million Followers

9. Shannon Doherty (@athomewithshannon)

Shannon Doherty is a mom influencer who focuses on recipes, activities, and DIY stuff as a mom. Shannon’s content is both inspiring and fun and there is no surprise she has over 2.1 million TikTok followers today. Her signature content on TikTok is her mom hacks videos where she gives mothers parenting tips and tricks that they might need.

Shannon is a mother of four lovely kids and she is a lovely, nurturing figure to them. If you are looking for parenting influencers that are genuinely good people, you must follow Shannon.

👥 2.1 Million Followers

10. Kc Davis (@domesticblisters)

Next up we have KC Davis with more than 1.6 million followers on TikTok. Davis is not just a regular mother but also a quite successful author. She recently wrote a book titled ‘How to Keep House While Drowning’.

You will find tons of mom and parenting tips and tricks on her channel that will come in handy in situations. She gives out tutorials on things ranging from cleaning and managing the house easily to health tips for toddlers and infants.

👥 1.6 Million Followers

11. Laura (@momlifewithlaura)

Laura Gilbert is another TikTok mom influencer that has been making waves on the platform for a while now. She has 1.6 million followers on TikTok today who love her relatable and helpful content.

Her content includes parenting tips, routine as a mom, mini vlogs, memes, and more. All in all, this is a channel you need to follow if you are a mom looking for relatable content. Her charming personality and humor are a bonus that makes her instantly likable.

👥 1.6 Million Followers

12. Dasia Temia (@dasiatemia)

With over 1.6 million followers, Dasia Temia is one of the most popular mom influencers on TikTok today. Her content is not limited to just being a mother but it usually features tips, tricks, and even more so memes about her babies and even nieces.

Her account is worth going through if you want to have some laughs while finding something relatable as a mom. You can also find serious tips and tricks that might be helpful to those with kids.

👥 1.6 Million Followers

13. Imperfect Mom (@imperfectmom4)

We all know about the struggles of being a parent. Being a mom is certainly a blessing but it doesn’t mean it is always easy. Sometimes you just want to consume fun content that is relatable and funny to you. This is where the Imperfect Mom comes in.

She is a mother of four kids, ranging from a toddler to a teenager. Unlike the usual strong mom content or stylist mothers we see, the Imperfect Mom is all about the silly and fun daily life of being a mother.

👥 1.5 Million Followers

14. Gloria Angelou (@gloriaangelou)

Gloria Angelou has made a name for herself on the platform with her authentic and relatable content. As an inspiring mother, Gloria has become one of the top black influencers in the mom community as well. With her refreshing video style and humor, she adds a new touch to being a TikTok mother.

From the joys of parenthood to the challenges of raising children to hilarious memes, her channel has it all. If you want to keep up with the mom community on TikTok and also want fun content on your timeline, follow her today.

👥 1.4 Million Followers

15. Bonnie Lee (@bonnieleetoks)

Bonnie Lee is another funny and relatable mom influencer you need to be following right away. Her full name is Bonnie Balderas Cox and she is married to Nathan Cox. Her content is all about being fun and pretty.

You will find hilarious memes and jokes on her TikTok that she acts out perfectly. Usually, it is related to being a wife and a mother. Her channel might feature her husband and her kids now and then as well. She has more than 1.3 million followers on TikTok today.

👥 1.3 Million Followers

16. Emilyjeanne (@emilyjeanne333)

From taking her fans on a house tour to giving out motherhood tips, Emily Feret has been allowing moms to take a sneak peek into her life. According to Emily, she just wants to normalize life as a mother for every parent. Her content matches her philosophy usually as well.

As it always revolves around your daily motherhood routines and questions. Emily is an honest and likable mother who is all about her kids. You can follow her on her TikTok which has over 1.3 million followers as of now.

👥 1.3 Million Followers

17. Libby Ward (@diaryofanhonestmom)

Up next, we have Libby Ward who is more than just your mother next door. Ward is a fully-fledged mental health activist and spokesperson trying to make a difference in the lives of other mothers like herself.

Through her fun and lighthearted content, she aims to establish a statement that being a mother doesn’t have to be all about struggles. Her videos have a versatile range. Ward has gone from rants to raps to memes that are inspiring, enlightening, and hilarious.

👥 1.1 Million Followers

18. Amberfillerup (@amberfillerup)

Last, but not the least, we have Amberfillerup on our list of the best TikTok mom influencers. Amber might not have millions of followers but she has created a tight-knit community around herself that is very loving and giving.

She is a mother of four and her kids are an integral part of her content. She has over 223.5K followers on her channel right now and the numbers are only getting bigger with time. Give her a follow if you want to keep up with her lifestyle and routines. 

👥 223.5 K Followers


So, here was a list of TikTok moms who have been creating examples for millions of women who dare to dream. These strong and amazing women are leveraging the power of TikTok to not just help new and old moms but also inspire women who want to not stay limited to one role.

With their experiences and expertise, these 18 mom TikTok influencers have been setting new examples for parents everywhere. From showcasing their daily routines to providing tips and tutorials, they share it all on their channels. Give them a follow to become a part of the loving and welcoming communities they’ve created.

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