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Podsqueeze Review 2024: Pros, Cons, and Pricing

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Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned podcaster, this field is full of challenges. Sometimes, you complain about endless transcript-typing. Other times, you run low on creativity and fumble around for ideas and points for show notes until late at night.

These challenges of podcasting not only burn you out but also make you lose motivation.

However, several AI podcast tools are on the rise to make your life much easier. And one of these interesting tools that has taken the internet by storm is Podsqueeze.

In this article, we’ll share an elaborate review of Podsqueeze, a complete ai podcast repurposing tool, to help you understand whether it’s the right fit for you!

What is Podsqueeze? What Does it Do?


Podsqueeze, an AI-powered tool, aims to simplify podcast production with a few clicks. It conducts automated processing of one episode at a time from your podcast RSS feed when you select an episode and click the generate button.

Founded in 2023, the primary focus and functionality of the Portugal-based tool is to

  • Process the episodes of your podcast.
  • Generate different kinds of content forms, including show notes, video clips, audiograms, newsletters, and timestamps.
  • Offer three options for SEO-friendly blog posts – you can choose anyone depending on your content niche and target audience. This further helps your website rank better and gain more traffic.

What Does it Offer?

The all-in-one solution offers a range of functions, like these

  • Generate professional transcripts or written content for podcasts effortlessly with an SRT file to produce subtitles and captions.
  • Summarize the main topic of the podcast and make each episode easier to track down.
  • Identify and build chapters automatically and help listeners reach the exact sections of the episode.
  • Create catchy and edgy titles to boost the podcast’s SEO and engagement.
  • Keep your audience engaged with new episodes faster.
  • Promote your podcasts on all platforms to enhance visibility and attract more listeners.
  • Increase website traffic and connect with a greater audience with AI content optimization.
  • Automate conversion of podcast episodes into ready-to-send, easy-to-understand newsletters to keep all audiences engaged and informed.
  • Auto-generate image quotes to share on social media platforms by choosing a quote and downloading the image.
  • Create an episode landing page with playable characters and automatic show notes with one click, which lets the audience share the episode at specific timestamps.
  • Turn podcast audio into audiogram videos with interesting visuals and precise subtitles.
  • Turn podcast audio into short video clips for promotion.
  • Transform podcast recordings and episodes into blog posts, shareable social media posts, and shareable bullet points.

Podsqueeze Pros & Cons

Now, let’s get down to the gist to understand the benefits and drawbacks of opting for Podsqueeze. 


  • Produces show notes, including titles, descriptions, and more highlights
  • Generates accurate transcripts even for difficult technical jargon and almost inaudible whispers with accurate timestamps
  • Offers multilingual transcription, i.e., it also translates anything recorded in a different language
  • Transcripts are searchable, so you can find the necessary intro and outro quickly
  • Creates content automatically
  • Transforms content extremely quickly
  • Offers newsletters
  • Provides SEO-friendly options for blog posts, i.e., the content is sure to rank high on search results
  • Enhances inbound links
  • Boosts website visitors and reaches a wider audience
  • User-friendly UI
  • Content generation is adaptable
  • Lets you reuse podcast episodes and enhances their utilization
  • Integrated with RSS feed
  • Compatible with different software, including Windows, macOS, Linux, and Ubuntu
  • It serves individual podcasters, audio publishers, advertisers, and businesses of all size
  • You can connect with the Podsqueeze founders via email at [email protected] for any queries. They’ll revert ASAP and offer clarification.


  • Not functional when offline
  • Blog post options are limited
  • Not available as a mobile application
  • Can’t share to social media directly
  • Content scheduling isn’t supported

Available Plans

Podsqueeze offers 6 different plans which are available at around 30% discount if you go for yearly subscriptions. First, let’s know more about the plans for solo podcasters!

Free ($0)

  • Maximum of 50 minutes of podcast every month
  • 1 watermarked video clip
  • Unlimited watermarked quote images
  • 1 file upload
  • Maximum file upload: 4GB
  • Podcast landing pages

Starter (Billed Yearly: $132/year; Billed Monthly: $15)

Recommended for: Individuals new to podcast creation or want to try it as a hobby and save time

  • Up to 160 minutes of podcasts a month
  • 5 watermarked video clips/audiograms
  • Unlimited watermarked quote images
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Maximum file upload: 4GB
  • Podcast landing pages

Pro (Billed Yearly: $324; Billed Monthly: $39)

Recommended for: Professional podcasters who want to promote and grow businesses

  • Podcast time of 320 minutes per month
  • Personalize AI voice
  • 10 video clips/audiograms free of watermark 
  • Unlimited watermark-free video clips/audiograms
  • Up to 10GB of file upload
  • Unlimited file uploads
  • Podcast topic research tool
  • Podcast landing pages

Here’s another set of packages recommended solely for podcast agencies to help streamline and develop the business. These cater to businesses of all sizes.

Agency Lite (Billed Yearly: $495; Billed Monthly: $59)

  • Podcast time of 600 minutes per month
  • Customized AI voice
  • Unlimited quote images without watermark
  • 20 audiograms or video clips
  • Up to 10GB of file upload
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Podcast landing pages
  • Podcast topic research tool

Agency Plus (Billed Yearly: $1,251; Billed Monthly: $149)

  • Podcast time of 2000 minutes per month
  • Custom AI voice
  • Unlimited quote images (no watermark)
  • 40 video clips/audiograms
  • Up to 10GB file upload
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Podcast landing pages
  • Podcast topic research tool

Agency Scale (Billed Yearly $2,175; Billed Monthly: $259)

  • Podcast time of 4000 minutes per month
  • Personalizable AI voice
  • Unlimited quote images free of watermark
  • 80 video clips/audiograms
  • Maximum 10GB of file upload
  • Unlimited uploads
  • Podcast landing pages
  • Podcast topic research tool

Final Thoughts

Podsqueeze is an amazing web-based platform that can enhance your podcast journey. From reducing monotonous tasks like transcript typing to helping you find fresh ideas with show notes, it stands out as the ultimate tool.

While Podsqueeze takes care of the mundane bits, you can let your creativity flow and focus on what matters the most!

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