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9 Best Screen Recording Software Quick & Easy (2024)

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Screen Recording Software

When confronted with the question of whether or not to purchase screen recording software, business owners may have certain doubts. While this is undoubtedly a vital way to create solid content for your website or social media platforms, did you know that using a screen recording tool can also help you to provide vital onboarding and training videos for use within your internal team as well?

By digging into the 9 best screen recording software systems, you will see that this moderate upfront expense comes with countless dividends down the road–streamlining flow and increasing margins!

Top 9 Screen Recording Software Systems

There are many screen recording platforms on the market–some of which are free of charge, though they lack professional polish, data storage, and expansive features. For the purposes of this article, we’ll dive into the top 10 best screen recording software systems that provide the best value for the price. Let’s get started!

1. Loom

Loom Screen Recording Software

The reason we’ve placed Loom first on this list is because of how intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use it is. With an extremely simplified platform that features automatic file captures and immediately uploads to Loom’s website, video retrieval and storage are a breeze. Notably, Loom also features an app that is compatible with both Android and iOS! Loom does more than just record and save your videos, however.

It also allows the user to save their content in a multitude of different file types, perform simple editing tasks, annotate their videos with drawing tools, and more. It should be said that the free version does have a watermark–but the cost to remove this with a paid plan starts at $12.50 a month, not including their 14-day free trial.

2. VEED Screen Recorder

VEED Screen Recording Software

Happily, VEED Screen Recorder does not require any downloads or initial steps to get started. Users can simply record within their browser, where their files will also be saved. VEED Screen Recorder is also known for its simple design, making recording, saving videos, and file sharing very simple.

With up to 4K recording capabilities, annotation features such as adding text, editing options, and more, VEED Screen Recorder can be a powerful asset in your business’ back pocket. While it, too, offers a free version with a watermark, paid plans for businesses start at $59 per month.

3. OBS Studio

OBS Studio Screen Recording

If you’re just starting your business, a more advanced screen recording software might not be in the budget. That’s where OBS Studio comes in! While it does offer relatively simplified screen recording services and no online storage system, OBS Studio offers in-depth editing capabilities to the user and can convert videos into an array of different file types.

One downside is that there is a learning curve associated with this interface, and there is no paid plan for feature upgrades.

4. ScreenPal

ScreenPal Screen Recording

Featuring a convenient built-in Chrome extension, ScreenPal is high on the list of the best screen recording software systems of 2024. With a vivid and intuitive platform, ScreenPal allows the user to select which portion of the screen (including the whole thing) they wish to record, including added annotations and editing capabilities.

One significant highlight is that users can also leverage ScreenPal to create GIFs, which is a unique and fun way to create engaging content. Users also have the ability to share and store unlimited videos on the platform, which starts at $8 per month for small businesses.

5. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recording Software

Compatible with both Windows and Mac, Movavi Screen Recorder may be a little too advanced for beginners in terms of its unparalleled high-resolution settings and complex editing system, which requires downloading their specialized app.

However, what sets this software apart is the ability to schedule screen recording captures, adding convenience and ease into your daily timeline with the added convenience of knowing that your video content is going to be crisp and high-resolution. Movavi Screen Recorder does offer a free version (though it does have a watermark)–but otherwise, pricing for businesses starts at $85.95 per year for a business license.

6. Camtasia

Camtasia Screen Recording Software

Camtasia is not the most budget-friendly screen recording software systems on the market, but it does come with quite in-depth editing capabilities and a simple, straightforward interface. If you feel overwhelmed by the rich trove of editing tools at your disposal, including a drag-and-drop system, added text, interactive features like polls or clickable buttons, and more, don’t worry–Camtasia offers a library of tutorial videos at your disposal until you feel comfortable “in the ring” on your own.

Though the upfront cost may feel steep at $299 for a lifetime business license after a relatively short 3-day free trial period, if you stick with the product, you will likely save money over time.

7. ClickUp

ClickUp Screen Recording Software

ClickUp is a screen recording software platform that offers a workflow system where users can easily organize, categorize, save, and share their custom recordings. ClickUp is still entirely free–and it must be said that it does not have a watermark, even with no added costs!

Fortunately, this platform also integrates with systems like Slack, Microsoft Office, and Google Workspace–and while it does offer a completely free version, there are additional features you can add through their business and enterprise plans, starting at $12 per month.

8. ScreenRec

ScreenRec Software

This cloud-based platform makes for effortless file storage and sharing, all with the confidence of knowing your videos are safe and secure on their encrypted site. While there is a free version of ScreenRec enabling basic video recording features, paid versions get more into the nuts and bolts of production services–including an analytics dashboard.

One of the major drawbacks of this platform is that it does not offer built-in editing capabilities, which can be a significant hurdle. It does offer annotations, however. Business plans with more advanced offerings start at $49 per month.

9. Filmora

Filmora Screen Recording Software

Filmora allows users to effortlessly film, capture, edit, and share their content with its simplified, streamlined platform. Editing features include the ability to add text, transitions, voice overs, and special effects, attracting both beginning screen capture creators and more experienced ones, too.

You can even highlight your cursor or keyboard activity and schedule recorded sessions. Filmora’s pricing is fair, with a free trial and the option to either pay $49.99 annually or $79.99 for a lifetime.


With so many amazing tools at your disposal, you are sure to find the best screen recording software for your company’s goals for future growth, customer outreach, and employee onboarding.

You can even use screen capture technology to provide ongoing training to your developing team! With countless possibilities for application as well as the opportunity to save yourself time and headache, we hope you’ll move forward in your decision making process confidently and look ahead to the business advancements to come!

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