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Effects of Trends on Social Media Activism Among Students

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Effects of Trends on Social Media Activism

In the digital era, activism and social media have merged and taken a brand new form. With the rise of social media platforms and viral trends, even students can participate in activism on a global level.

The youth is empowered to share their thought and advocate for change. Being the greatest chunk of active social media users, they know exactly how to make these trends work in the favor of their causes. If you’re curious about how this works, let’s head right in!

The Rise and Power of Viral Trends

Viral trends are widespread sharing of some content or topic across social media or other digital platforms.

These trends begin due to a single eye-opening content whether a photo or video post or image with text aka meme or simply something with a particular hashtag.

Once the content gains major traction in a short amount of time, more people share the original content or add their own perspective to it.

One of the most active demographics on social media is students. For them, viral trends are effective tools to raise awareness or support a cause.

Examples of Viral Trends

Memes, on the other hand, offered a humorous way to share awareness. They break down the most complicated stories and occurrences from around the world in simple pictures.

Some popular social activism memes are

Text-based memes

  • I can’t breathe: The Black Lives Matter movement slogan, originating from Eric Garner’s last words who passed away under a NYC police officer’s chokehold.
  • Not justice, no peace: Protests demanding justice and accountability for police brutality and racism.
  • He For She: Gender equality campaign urging men to speak against sexism towards women.

Image-based memes

  • Distracted boyfriend: This may show a boyfriend (labeled “society”) distracted by another woman (labeled “trivial matters”) when his girlfriend (labeled “climate change”) is right beside him.
  • Woman yelling at a cat: Shows the contrasting views or activists’ frustration.
  • Change my mind: Followed by a view written on top, activists invite viewers to come up with reasons to prove why their perspective is right.

Some popular and successful viral hashtag movements on social media are

  • #MeToo: Raising voice against sexual assault and harassment
  • #BlackLivesMatter: Global movement against racism against black people
  • #SayHerName: Campaign to share Black women’s experiences of police violence
  • #EndSars: Peaceful protest against police’s brutality on Nigerian youths

Different Ways Viral Trends Redefine Social Activism Among Students

Viral trends have changed how students can partake in social activism without endangering their safety in the actual field. Let’s have a look here.

1. Your Narratives Are Heard

The best way viral trends redefine social activism is by amplifying your voice, story, and perspective. Often, when you raise your voice against an issue, there’s a high chance it will fall on deaf ears or go unheard – especially if you’re a student.

However, through social media platforms, you can share your experiences and stand an equal chance of being heard. People don’t judge your perceptions or dismiss your thoughts based on your age.

This is partly because there are a lot of broadminded people online and many platforms allow you to hide certain personal data. Social media, thus, creates an inclusive space for diverse narratives regarding social concerns.

2. It Educates People and Raises Awareness

Viral trends also raise awareness and educate people about major social concerns. Generally, if you use plain-spoken or written language, some things would need endless paragraphs of explanations.

However, in this age, with short-term attention, that won’t work. People won’t even read long posts on social media.

On the other hand, viral trends, whether visuals, genuine and relatable stories, or shareable content, let students share their message to a huge audience with minimal explanation.

Since people already have a little context about the memes or hashtag movements, they can grasp the summarized version of the topic faster. If they feel concerned about the activism, they can do further research!

3. You Build Communities

Viral trends are one of the best ways to build online communities and networks of like-minded students who want to get involved in activism. The digital space lets students share their resources and coordinate their actions.

The community creates a sense of unity and shared purpose. This is quite empowering and motivating for students who have just entered the world of activism.

Further, social media users get to know the exact source of the shared information. People can get more context about the matter before believing or joining the movement. Thus, it works as social proof of the activism message.

4. It Mobilizes Action

With the help of viral trends on social media, students have the power to make strong emotional impacts that can drive change.

When the youth steps out of just studies and starts raising their voice, it creates urgency. People spread their words like wildfire and donate to causes.

5. You Feel Involved

Not everyone can physically participate in movements by joining protests. However, students can still feel involved by simply sharing on social media. This drives engagement, awareness, and even chances for more influential people to know about the matter.  

Challenges of Student Social Activism

Students can partake in social activism using viral trends and make a change. However, such movements have also been criticized for the following reasons:

1. Online Toxicity

Trolling, harassment, bullying, and online threats often silence and discourage people.


Report their accounts on social media and to cybercrime divisions. Never let such people scare you.

2. Disturbed Studies

While focusing on social activism, students often find it challenging to focus on their studies and assignments.


Seek a reputed and professional writing service company and ask them to have someone write my essay request. Rely on experts to stay on top of your academics while you do what matters more!

Final Thoughts

Viral trends empower every student to become a leader and fight for a better tomorrow! Together, all students are building a dynamic setting where they amplify their voices to bring social justice.

While there are certain challenges on this path, the right individuals will overcome them and create immense change in no time!

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