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Wishup Review 2024: Is It a Scam and Legit?

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Wishup Review

Many startup owners and entrepreneurs need assistance in handling their businesses’ requirements. There are so many routine tasks to be done that there is little time left for business growth and client networking.

Also, as your general productivity starts to suffer from everyday duties like checking your mail and answering questions, you become more consumed by them.

Many business owners hire virtual assistants as their first “employees” to reduce costs while enhancing efficiency. Therefore, virtual assistant services have revolutionized individual and business tasks.

Wishup is among the leading providers of virtual assistant services. It is transforming the outsourcing industry by delivering AI-packed virtual staffing solutions. This incorporation leads to unmatchable productivity, efficiency, and growth via advanced AI systems combined with expertise from trained remote workers.

In this fast-paced world where professionals and business owners struggle to keep up with things, Wishup understands these challenges very well. Their virtual assistant services help streamline workflows by meeting the growing demand for improved time management.

What do they offer?

But hold on, let us first look at what Wishup is all about.

What is Wishup?

Wishup Review

Wishup, a startup founded in Delhi, India, with an increasing presence in the United States (US), was formed by Neelesh Rangwani and Vivek Gupta, two friends from the prestigious IIM-A and IIT-M.

Established in July 2017, this virtual staffing marketplace is rapidly growing and accepting highly skilled remote workers as employees to work as virtual assistants for globally based companies.

It is a remote staffing solution on the rise that connects business owners alongside entrepreneurs with loanable labor.

The company aims to help business owners and sole proprietors grow their profitability. Wishup is the first platform for remote workers in India, with a mission of bridging the gap between Indian subject matter experts who can work remotely and business owners across the US and worldwide.

What Services Does Wishup Offer?

Wishup Virtual Assistants can be hired for more than 75 tasks. Their training is mandatory and lasts eight weeks.

With Wishup’s help, your remote team can be set up in less than a day. After extensive interviews, Wishup hires only the top 0.1%. Task managers who have specialized expertise assist VAs in meeting customer expectations.

These virtual assistants might have previously worked as office managers or served as administrators. They could have once been business owners or people having practical experience with various employers working for separate companies and serving different markets and industries.

The exact duties that a virtual assistant performs are determined by what the client needs and what is stated in the contract agreement. Some do bookkeeping or clerical work, while others may write blogs or update social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

A versatile virtual assistant can do everything, from data entry jobs to fixing meetings and booking online flights.

A wishup virtual assistant will be able to perform these tasks:

A. Executive Functions

1. Taking care of your inbox

2. Organizing the calendar

3. Scheduling appointments

4. Entering data

5. Research

6. Travel planning

7. Managing projects

8. Handling voicemails

9. Audio transcription

10. Responding to consumer queries

11. Managing your to-do list

12. Engaging with clients

13. Event planning

14. Keeping databases up to date

15. Keeping records for eCommerce

16. Creating presentations

17. Keeping track of minutes from meetings

18. Selecting gifts for clients

B. Bookkeeping and Accounting

1. Settling invoices

2. Generating bills

3. Reminding clients to make payments

4. Payroll accounting and receipts

5. Creating accounting reports

6. Submitting year-end documentation

7. Handling past-due accounts

8. Helping with tax filings

9. Maintaining data in your preferred software

10. Inputting general ledger entries

11. Reconciling bank and credit card statements

C. Project Administration

1. Performing quality checks

2. Maintaining project schedule

3. Managing project participants

4. Keeping track of the work’s progress

5. Completing the project

6. Creating reports

7. Creating SOPs

8. Creating presentations and spreadsheets

9. Managing deadlines

D. Social Media Management

1. Posting schedules

2. Conducting online research

3. Establishing accounts

4. Monitoring metrics

E. E-commerce Assistance

1. Having your web store fully loaded with your entire product lineup

2. Organizing the listings

3. Helping with returns and exchanges

4. Handling orders

5. Taking care of shipments and bills

6. Writing Product Descriptions

F. Healthcare/Clinical Assistance

1. Appointment optimization

2. Eligibility checks

3. Patient onboarding

4. Patient records management

5. Customer service

6. Patient engagement

7. No-show fee recovery

8. Patient payments

9. Billing and invoicing

10. Insurance claims management

11. Insurance claim disputes

12. Accounts receivable management

13. Patient communication

14. Process auditing

15. Chart auditing

16. Documentation and filing

17. Facility management

18. Procurement and vendor management

19. Financial management

20. Human resources and staff management

Why Choose Wishup’s Services?

Wishup Services

1. Superior Talent Acquisition

Wishup prides itself on hiring the top 0.1% of candidates for remote assistant jobs, ensuring unmatched skills and dedication to satisfying customer needs.

2. Instant Replacements

To address reliability issues, Wishup guarantees instant replacements and nonstop support. With robust security measures and NDAs in place, client data is always safe with them.

3. Customer-Centricity

Wishup offers customized service, and its committed account managers understand each client’s requirements and offer exceptional assistance.

4. Revolutionary Staff Management App

Wishup Management Staff

Wishup’s AI-driven app makes team management easier by turning your workspace into an iPhone-like setup. For your enterprise needs, Wishup has a user-friendly and efficient platform that you can use. These include access to handpicked elite talent within 30 minutes, better team synchronization, streamlined task handling, detailed performance analysis reports, real-time daily progress tracking overviews, simplified leave tracking HR process, and continuous improvement initiatives.

5. Risk-Free Trial Period

Wishup believes in complete client satisfaction, offering a zero-risk trial period for new clients.

Wishup Pricing 💵

Plan Description Costing Hours
Kickstart Plan A personalized plan for better assistance $1199




Growth Engine Plan Comprises 30 seats for the $299/month AI-powered office management tool. $1999




The Executive Plan Includes ten seats in our AI-powered office management app worth $99/month $2099




Client Reviews Online

Wishup’s clients immensely appreciate their services. Overall, among all the reviews, these are a few verdicts that we could find familiar:

  • Highly Skilled and Talented VAs: According to its many clients, Wishup VAs are intelligent, well-educated, good at speaking, and equipped with a list of desirable skills as stated by the clients. Clients appreciate their general thinking, critical thinking, and general comprehension.
  • Response and Dedication: Some clients appreciate the VAs’ responsiveness, while some claim their assistants are always eager to offer more services.
  • Significant Time Savings: Some clients talk about the substantial time savings from using Wishup to manage mundane issues that would have otherwise consumed their attention on high-level business concerns.
  • Effective Business Management: Customers like how VAs oversee different business functions, such as lead management, time management services, invoices, HR tasks, email management, and bookkeeping.
  • Ease of Hiring and Flexibility: Compared to the traditional recruitment practices of full-time employees, VA recruitment through Wishup is rapid and super-easy. Clients appreciate that the services are provided within a short period.
  • Personalized and Tailored Services: Clients realize that VAs can thoroughly assess their particular requirements and ask appropriate questions to make sure that the clients’ expectations are met.
  • Value for Money: The services offered by Wishup are described as incredibly budget-friendly.
  • Positive Impact on Business: Many positive reviews suggest that adopting Wishup has been a brilliant decision that has helped businesses grow.
  • Professionalism and Dependability: Clients believe Wishup VAs to be efficient, dependable, and, most importantly, professional.
  • Long-Term Satisfaction: Many customers have been leveraging Wishup’s services for several months or even longer and recommend Wishup’s services to their network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discuss some of the most asked questions about Wishup.

Is Wishup a Genuine Company?

Of course! Since 2017, the business has worked to facilitate small and medium-sized businesses’ growth and day-to-day management. The company has an excellent reputation; Clutch users rate it at 4.9 out of 5. According to Glassdoor, 80% of Wishup employees would recommend it to a friend, and 83% are optimistic about the company’s future.

What Kind of Company is Wishup?

Wishup is a cost-effective platform that offers remote workers via a technologically advanced marketplace. Services include Project Management, SMM, Administration, Help with E-Commerce, and other ongoing tasks.

Who Founded Wishup?

After meeting in 2015 while attending IIT Chennai, Vivek Gupta and Neelesh Ranwani decided to use technology to research the personal concierge market. They recognized early on that their clients were business owners and startups who needed extra assistance managing their tasks so they could focus on growing their businesses. To meet this growing demand, Wishup relaunched its services, providing competent and professional assistance to solopreneurs and small businesses.

Are Virtual Assistants Safe?

Virtual assistants can be very safe, especially when you choose a reputable provider like Wishup. These companies implement strict vetting processes to hire only highly qualified and trustworthy individuals. Robust security measures safeguard sensitive information, including non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and advanced data protection protocols.

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