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Top 3 YouTube Marketing Agencies in the United States

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YouTube Marketing Agencies USA

Especially if you’re a creative person, the “business side” of online content development can feel a little enigmatic. Self-promotion is not always second nature for some, and it can be hard to become your own “hype man.”

This is where a YouTube marketing agency steps in, boosting your reach and encouraging you to grow with minimal hassle. But what are the benefits associated with working with a YouTube-specific marketing agency, and how do you find a reliable one?

In this post, we’ll dig into these concepts in detail, providing you with a list of the best YouTube marketing agencies based in the U.S.

Best YouTube Marketing Agencies in the U.S.

If you’re catering to an American audience, it’s generally best to find a YouTube marketing agency that knows this demographic like the back of its proverbial hand. While there is no shortage of U.S.-based digital marketing agencies, selecting the right fit for your channel is paramount to your success. Here👇are our top three.

1. Viralyft

Viralyft YouTube Marketing Agency

With the trust of over 1.5 million content creators from around the globe, Viralyft has been in the game for upwards of 10 years. Our mission statement is to help creators worldwide to “break through the algorithm” and achieve their highest potential–whether that’s through working with one of our specialists or investing in YouTube engagement.

What’s more, we even offer a suite of services specific to other forms of social media, such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X), and more. We are proudly based in Los Angeles.

2. Thrive Agency

Thrive Agency YouTube Marketing

Thrive Agency, located in Texas, has been in business since 2005 and offers an almost hands-off approach to content creation for the YouTube channel owner. From drone footage opportunities to strategy development, their rich staff of writers, producers, and other industry experts can really help your YouTube content stand out in a saturated online environment.

3. Moburst

Moburst YouTube Marketing

It’s no secret that the future of the internet is turning towards a “mobile first” approach. Located in Florida, Moburst can be a great resource for creators who are considering how their content is perceived on smartphones–especially for those interested in app promotion and development. Moburst also offers a multi-platform approach to digital marketing, like Viralyft.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a YouTube Marketing Agency?

While it can be tempting to think you can “do it all” when it comes to running your YouTube channel, there are so many hours in a day. Even if you invest all your time into becoming current with best YouTube channel management practices for 2024, this can add a lot of stress into your life on top of content creation, engagement and outreach, wooing sponsors, and everything else–especially if your channel is a passion project, and you’re still also working a “regular” job!

The benefits of hiring a YouTube marketing agency primarily encompass buying your time back so you can focus on what you love–but let’s look at five key advantages associated with this.

1. Insights Into the Latest Trends

Insights Into the Latest Trends

No matter how much research you do, the nature of the internet is that trends, best practices, and even industry regulations are constantly changing. Between new Google and YouTube rollouts, it often feels like the online landscape can change in the blink of an eye.

Professionals who specialize in YouTube’s latest practices can help you to not only come up with resonant content, but they can also guide you in terms of best optimization practices as well–all while adhering to community standards. Your time is better spent creating your content, after all!

2. Access to Industry-Leading Tools

When it comes to downloading the latest software, recording equipment, and studio decor, the last thing you’ll likely want to think about is spending even more money on a marketing agency. However, when you factor in the costs associated with accessing high-performing tools (such as SEO and analytics platforms), you may quickly find that this step can actually save you money.

A qualified YouTube marketing agency will have already invested in these game-changing platforms, offering their services to you at a bundled, convenient price.

3. Increased Reach and Engagement

Why does anyone hire a marketing agency of any kind? It’s to boost their audience engagement and exposure, of course! High-performing YouTube marketing agencies will offer you measurable results that you can track through regular analytics reports–so you can see that you’re getting your money’s worth.

4. Expert Strategy

There is a saying in digital marketing that “creativity without strategy is just art.” Strategy is not always easy to nail down–even if you do understand the implications of the data that’s collected within YouTube Studio.

An expert digital marketer will be able to draw actionable steps for you based on your analytics so that you can create high-performing video content. Grounded in data, this approach enables you to create content that your audience finds valuable, calling in even greater numbers as you go.

5. Better Scalability

If your intention is to grow, there will come a point at which you simply cannot do it all alone. Relying on a YouTube marketing agency can allow you to expand at a more steady rate, opening up possibilities to hire a team to help support your mission. If your YouTube channel is associated with your business, this expense may even be tax deductible!

Investing in a YouTube Marketing Agency Is Your Path to Expansion

Even if you’ve committed your entire calendar to content creation, there’s no reason to hamstring yourself by working inside a vacuum. The fact is, the process of growth requires other people–whether that’s your audience, a peer or mentor whose content inspires you to create future goals for yourself, or the expertise and experience of a digital marketing agency like Viralyft.

While hiring others to help you carry out your mission can require relinquishing a little bit of control over your channel, the benefits far outweigh the risks–particularly if you select your team wisely.

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