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17 Best Instagram Notes Ideas to Get Inspiration (2024)

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Best Instagram Notes Ideas

What if you could communicate a cool or creative thought or feeling via text to the people you follow on Instagram, and spark conversations at the same time?

We’re about to let you in on a secret that will let you do just that and elevate your Insta game at the same time. Ready? It’s called Instagram notes.

Instagram notes is a new feature where you post a message of 60 characters or less to the top of the Messages list in the Instagram app. The note you post appears above your profile picture for 24 hours, and if any of your followers decide to respond to it, that action will instantly open a conversation between the two of you.

Imagine all the conversations that you could start in this way! For all you marketers and influencers out there, this could be an amazing and organic way to generate engagement with your followers and network with other professionals in your field.

Now, your next question is probably, “What should I post?” Well, we’ve got 17 of the best Instagram notes ideas that will inspire you on what to share, from funny quips to morning greetings to expressive emojis.

Let’s go!

17 Unique Instagram Notes Ideas

1. Funny🤓

What’s a great way to win your Instagram audience over? Make ‘em laugh! A good joke or pun will pique people’s interest in your account and brighten their day at the same time. You can also post a funny movie quote, like, “I am serious – and don’t call me Shirley” from the 1980 comedy Airplane.

2. Cute

Feeling cute today? Find a way to express that in 60 characters or less. In fact, you could even say something as simple as, “Feelin’ cute today. Check my selfie!” That way, you can post a note and direct your followers to your content at the same time. Try including cute emojis, as well, like animals or hearts – or animals with heart eyes!

3. Cool😎

Whether you’re feeling cool temperature-wise or just cool vibes, you should let your Instagram followers know about it. Tell them what you’re up to that you think is just too cool to keep to yourself or share your advice for staying laidback and relaxed. Don’t forget to sprinkle in sunglasses emojis!

4. Short

Sometimes, keeping your notes to put on Instagram short and sweet is the best strategy. You may not need a full 60 characters to say what you want to say. For example, if you’re running a Business account, you may want to share a short phrase that evokes your brand or a new product you’re releasing.

5. Creative🎨

Many Instagram creators use Instagram notes as an opportunity to get creative. Use a combination of text, symbols, and emojis to decorate a note that’s not only fun to look at or read, but also shows people how amazingly clever and artistic you are in the Insta space!

6. Motivational

Instagram notes are just long enough for you to share your favorite piece of motivational wisdom. We’re all just out there grinding away – some of us as creators and marketers on social media – and we can all use a positive pick-me-up in an unexpected place.

7. Unique

As Instagram rolls out the notes feature to their entire user base, everyone is going to start posting notes. That’s why you want to make sure your message is completely unique. Pay attention to what other people are posting, and don’t copy or repeat them. Instead, come up with something totally original that’s 100% you!

8. Morning🌅

How many quotes, sayings, and phrases do you know that are all about the morning? From wishing other people a good morning to praising the beauty of the morning to complaining about the morning, there’s just so much to say about this time of day. So, say it in an Instagram note!

9. Night🌃

Morning is not the only time that’s great for posting Instagram notes. You can update it when it starts to get dark in your area with a message about the nighttime: how scary it can be, how beautiful the moon looks, or how you wish that everyone else will have as wonderful a night as you’re having.

10. Sassy

It’s time to unleash the sass! Anytime you’re feeling a bit sassy, just pop your sassiest thoughts into an Instagram note. Share a controversial opinion, playfully call out someone else to make them laugh, or just say whatever you’re thinking and let off some steam!

11. Engaging

The best Instagram notes will engage your followers’ attention and motivate them to take action. To make your notes engaging, try asking a leading question or posting a call-to-action (CTA). For example, if you’re an influencer and you’re promoting affiliate brand links, you can tell your followers to message you for a special discount code or go to your bio to follow a link to a product.

12. Couples👫

Love notes may be a thing of the past, but you can rekindle that nostalgic joy with your romantic partner in digital form using Instagram notes. Express your love and appreciation for one another in short, sweet messages. Just make sure to keep it PG-rated; remember, your significant other can see your note, but so can everyone else!

13. For Best Friends

Your best friend is your bestie, your ride-or-die, your buddy for life. So, tell them so with a note! You and your best friend can also coordinate your notes to tell a joke, share a story, quote movies, and post any other kind of two-part message.

14. For Boys👦

If you’re a boy or you have an audience made up primarily of other boys, use your notes to appeal to that specific demographic. Share messages about working out at the gym, sports, cars, action flicks, and other topics that will resonate with your male audience.

15. For Girls👧

For girls, there are endless things you can post about in your Instagram notes! Try posting about fashion, makeup, relationship advice, home decor, and anything else you can think of that your female followers will enjoy.

16. Emojis

Forget words. You can say exactly what you want to say by populating your Instagram note with emojis. Check your mobile device’s emoji library and find faces, animals, signs, and symbols, and select the ones that will show your followers what you mean.

17. One-Word

If the message you want to get out to your followers can be conveyed in one word, why not write just the one word? In some ways, this Instagram note idea can be more impactful than 2-3 full sentences. It lets you get straight to the heart of what you want to say. This may not work for every note, but it’s good to keep it in your repertoire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Instagram Notes?

Instagram notes are short messages that appear at the top of your profile picture in the messenger section of the Instagram app.

Can I Add Music to Instagram Notes?

Yes. You can add music to your Instagram note by tapping the music symbol when you’re composing the message.

What’s the Character Limit For an Instagram Note?

The character limit for an Instagram note is 60 characters.

How To Delete an Instagram Note?

You can delete your Instagram note by tapping on it and then selecting Delete note.

Where Do I Find Instagram Notes on Instagram?

You can find Instagram notes by tapping the arrow or messenger icon in the top right corner of the Instagram home screen, and then viewing the profile pictures above your Messages history.

Where Can I View Replies To Notes on Instagram?

You can view replies to your notes in the Messages section of the app. They will appear as private chat conversations with the people who sent them.

Will People Get Notified When I Share an Instagram Note?

No, Instagram does not notify your followers when you share an Instagram note.

How Long Do Instagram Notes Last?

Instagram notes only last 24 hours before they automatically disappear.

Who Can See My Instagram Notes?

Instagram notes can be seen by people you follow and who follow you back. Alternatively, you can restrict viewing of your notes to your close friends circle.

Can Instagram Notes Boost My Engagement?

Yes. A well-crafted Instagram note can prompt your followers to reach out to you or take a specific action (such as liking one of your posts) that will raise your engagement rate.

Wrapping Up

Now you’ll never be short of note ideas for Instagram! Which ones are you eager to try on your followers?

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