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85+ Unique Instagram Username Ideas for Better Branding

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Unique Instagram Username Ideas

Your Instagram username is a critical part of your brand or business identity. It should be distinctive and tell other users something about who you are. It should scream, “This is me!” so that your fans will always associate it with your unique type of content, personality, and branding.

The pressure to create a username that fits that bill can be enormous, though, which is why we’re excited to present you with this ultimate guide to Instagram username ideas! Reading this article will help you unlock your creativity and help you choose the name that will serve your brand or business well for years to come.

Instagram Name Ideas for Every Niche and Category

Below are Instagram handle ideas for 17 different popular content niches and categories. Let your imagination run wild with all these options!

1. With Your Name

Countless celebrities, public figures, and influencers are best known to their Instagram followers by their names. If you want your Instagram account to be associated with your personal identity, try using your first and last name or a nickname in your handle.

  • @mr_yourname
  • @nicknameoninsta
  • @miss.yourname
  • @firstnameofficial
  • @yourname.25

2. Username Combination Ideas

To create a username that’s truly different from everyone else’s, combine multiple ideas into one handle. This can be an especially helpful strategy if you have a list of username ideas for Instagram that you like but can’t decide between them. Just use them all! Here are some examples of great combos.

  • @thefriendlyfood
  • @alex_thefriendlyfoodie
  • @_themysweethome_
  • @thefriendlypet_
  • @robot.yourfashionpassion_

3. Cool😎

Tell your Instagram audience how trendy and edgy you are by choosing a username that is too cool for school. The suggestions below are perfect for content that is designed to ooze confidence but also show off your innate charisma that others will want to mimic.

  • @freshnfunky
  • @urban_pulse
  • @funkydude_
  • @freak_treat
  • @_unique_guy

4. Cute 

Looking for a username that’s expressive of how cute you, your brand, and your aesthetic are? Look no further than our list below for cute, cuddly, and sweet suggestions!

  • @violet_child
  • @_preety.pansy
  • @florabella_
  • @lovebug.hugs
  • @soft_lotus

5. Unique

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, you want an Instagram username that’s distinctive. But more than that, you want it to be unique, something that no one else will think of. Check out our ideas for such a handle.

  • @eatingaroundtheworld_
  • @_beautysecrets
  • @hyiapiness
  • @_coolexuberance
  • @uniquegrandiloquence

6. Funny🤓

If your content niche is humorous, then why not go with a username that’s funny? It can be a pun, a play on words, a silly-sounding word, or anything that you think will make your audience chuckle. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • @_doll_face
  • @fluffy_cookie
  • @fat_batman
  • @red_monkey_butt
  • @actually_thedog

7. Aesthetic

An aesthetic Instagram name is one that communicates the atmosphere and the vibes of your content. When your audience reads it, they’ll know instantly what you’re about and what kind of posts they can expect to see from you.

Try these aesthetic usernames out for size.

  • @.Dream_monster.
  • @_Fluffy_alien.
  • @Scenery._scatt_.
  • @_Yellow_daisy.

8. Sassy

Lots of influencers and brands attract their audience with the power of sass. You can do that, too, by choosing an Instagram username that’s super sassy and full of attitude. 

Bring on the sass with these username ideas.

  • @exotic_her
  • @Selfmadegirl
  • @lifefull_ofdrama
  • @name_doll
  • @say_it_(name)

9. Girly

Show that your Instagram account is a space for feminine energy and girl power with a girly username. That way, everyone will be able to tell that your content is for the females!

  • @Starry_Eyes
  • @Admire_the_girl_
  • @Unicorn_girl
  • @Cupcakes_Hugs
  • @Goofy_Girl

10. Instagram Username Ideas for Artists🧑‍🎨

For the artists that like to use Instagram to display their creative works, you need a username that’s going to evoke creativity and artistic genius. Use these Instagram username ideas for artists to help you craft the perfect handle.

  • @True_Artists
  • @No_Excuses_art
  • @Classy_art
  • @Mind_artist
  • @The_Thrilling_Arts

11. For Business👨‍💼

When your Instagram account is all business, you want to let users know that up front. What better place to promote your industry or brand name than in the username? Let these ideas for business usernames for Instagram be your guide to a brand-driven social media identity.

  • @businessname_cloth
  • @_businessname_shoes
  • @thebranded_businessname
  • @theofficialbusinessname

12. For Travel🛩️

Are you a travel blogger, vlogger, or guide? Then you should definitely put that in your Instagram username! Here are a few options for incorporating the travel niche into your handle, so that anyone looking for travel content will know that you are the account to follow!

  • @miss.travelwithme
  • @travel_vacation
  • @traveljourney_50
  • @_yourname.roadtrip_
  • @20_travel_

13. For Fashion👜

The fashion world is always changing and trending, which means there’s always lots to talk about. If this niche is the focus of your Instagram account, then try on these fashion-inspired usernames to hook the right target audience.

  • @miss.wear
  • @cloth_dressmaking
  • @fashion_boots36
  • @98_fashion_method

14. For Food🍟

Whether you love eating, cooking, or reviewing food best, Instagram is one of the best places for you to be at! Show your love for all things food with your username first, using the following names as a starting place.

  • @yourname_bakery
  • @thebestpasta
  • @_morningbreakfast_
  • @thestylishkitchen
  • @yummy_yourname

15. For Boys

For male Instagram creators whose audience is primarily male, as well, you want a username that is for the boys! Check out these masculine-sounding usernames that you can copy or riff off for a unique handle all your own.

  • @stylish_Stud
  • @Mr_Adventure
  • @Insta_Fashionista
  • @MrViral
  • @Traveler_Guy

16. For Book Accounts📔

Instagram creators who read, review, and post photos and videos about books make up a corner of the app called #bookstagram. And if you’re part of #bookstagram, you’ll definitely want to pick a bookish username! Find read-worthy ideas below.

  • @Literary_Craze
  • @Bookish_Therapy
  • @Reading_Respite
  • @NovelNest
  • @Word_Crafter

17. For Your Pet🐕‍🦺

Setting up an Instagram account for your pet is more common than you might think! But what on earth do you pick as their username? Don’t scratch your head in thought. Instead, get inspired with these pet-themed Instagram username options.

  • @pet_lovings_
  • @mylovingpet
  • @pet_fun_loving
  • @travelwithmy_james
  • @thepuppypatch

Username Generator Tools or Apps for Instagram

What if you don’t have time to come up with your own Instagram username idea? Use these Instagram username generator tools and apps to make the ideation phase quick and convenient!

Tips for Choosing the Best Instagram Username

Still need some help picking out the best Instagram username? Follow these four tips from our social media experts.

1. Include Keywords for Your Content Niche

Including one or two keywords that describe your content niche in your username will make it easier for other users to discover your account. For example, if you’re a travel Instagrammer, consider including “travel” in your handle. The same goes if you create content for Beauty, Tech, Food, and any other specific category.

2. Don’t Overthink It

Often, creators will agonize over picking out the perfect username and, in doing so, they end up wasting a lot of time. Remember, your goal is to create an Instagram account, so that you can start growing your influence, building your brand, networking with sponsors, and earning money! A username is just the first step on a long and important journey. Don’t make it the entire journey!

3. Make It You

Whatever your username on Instagram is, it should be you. Make sure you choose a handle that you like and, if possible, expresses your unique identity and spark of life.

4. Change It Later

You really shouldn’t sweat choosing your username because you can always change it later.

To change your Instagram username using your mobile device, open the Instagram app and go to your profile. Tap Edit Profile and make the update. Once you’ve finished updating the handle, tap the blue checkmark in the upper right corner of the screen.

Wrapping Up

Are your creative juices flowing? We hope so, and we also hope that the perfect username for your Instagram account and your content niche is already forming in your mind. Feel free back to this list anytime you need extra inspiration!

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