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17 Famous YouTubers That Live in Texas

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YouTube is one of the popular social media platforms dominating our daily lives. After all, the authenticity, relatability, and inclusiveness of YouTubers make them pretty likable. Moreover, they have well-knit and loyal subscriber communities that anyone can be a part of. Want to meet some famous YouTubers and content creators? Well, Texas, one of the largest American states, hosts several YouTubers.

You will find several influencers here with a varied audience and subscriber count. There is a good enough chance that you might find someone you watch. To help you narrow down your search to a few, we’ve compiled a list. The article below mentions some famous YouTubers that live in Texas that you should keep your eyes peeled for! So, let’s get started and help you get that celebrity encounter you’ve been yearning for.

Female YouTubers That Live In Texas

1. Aphmau (Jessica Bravura)

Do you like gaming channels that feature Minecraft games and roleplays? You’ve surely come across Aphmau’s videos then. With over 16.6M subscribers and 16 billion views, Aphmau is one of the most famous YouTubers girls across social media. She also has three other channels and her overall following exceeds 20M on YouTube itself.

Well, the person behind the channel is – Jessica Bravura, and she is one of the famous YouTubers that live in Texas that you can meet. Other than her YouTube channel and other social media profiles, her merchandise and business ventures bring in a lot of money making Aphmau’s net worth around $20 million.

2. Liza Koshy (Elizabeth Shaila Koshy)

If you’ve been an avid YouTube watcher, you’ve surely watched Liza Koshy. One of the most popular social media influencers, Liza’s content has amassed millions of followers on all major platforms. For example, her YouTube channel currently has a community of 17.2M subscribers. She has also amassed over 2.1 billion views with 142 YouTube videos.

Her content mostly revolves around her life and is a mix of all sorts. She also has a net worth of $6 million, which makes her one of the most popular YouTubers that live in Texas. If you want to watch more of Liza Koshy, we recommend checking Liza on Demand, the YouTube Premium comedy series that she produces and stars in.

3. Brianna (Brianna Paige Arsement)

Another notable figure among the famous YouTubers from Texas that you should keep an eye out for is Brianna Arsement. Her videos revolve mostly around challenges, gaming videos, escape challenges, and debunking myth content. The format and the edits have helped her create a community of 9.08M subscribers.

Starting in 2018, Brianna Arsement has posted over 570 videos since and received over 2.9B views. You will also find good music covers created by her which has helped her get a Diamond play button. She is also one of the popular Texas YouTubers with a great variety of merchandise.

4. Grav3yardgirl (Rachel Marie Meyer)

If you love watching beauty and skincare vlogs, you have surely seen grav3yardgirl’s channels. However, her initial videos revolved around paranormal experiences and horror stories. Her video series called “Does This Thing Really Work?” focuses on reviewing products as seen on TV.

This has helped her get a community of over 8.45M subscribers and more than 1.7B views on her 1.8K videos. grav3yardgirl has several sources of income that have grown her net worth to $1.21 million, making her one of the most popular female content creators. You’ll be glad to know that she lives in your beloved US state and is one of the most YouTubers that live in Texas.

5. Adalia Rose (Adalia Rose Williams)

A disability advocate and a great human being, Adalia Rose won several hearts across the internet. With over 3.03M subscribers and over 373M views amassed over 99 videos, Adalia Rose is one of the well-known YouTubers that live in Texas.

Her videos are mainly makeup and beauty vlogs, dressing up, trying new wigs, and other similar hobbies aligned with the teenage audience.

But, the YouTuber and great human being passed away on January 12, 2022. Her community has remained loyal and stuck by the channel as a tribute. Adalia was diagnosed with Hutchinson-Glifford and her videos touched millions of people and helped them learn more.

6. Hayley LeBlanc (Hayley Noelle LeBlanc)

Considered the biggest American YouTuber by their audience, Hayley LeBlanc gained a lot of followers through her YouTube channel. She has gained 1.51M subscribers and over 112M views across 135 videos and has built a great YouTube community. She is also a popular American artist and actress who has landed several roles in the industry.

If you want a glimpse into the life of an actress and a professional, her channel is the most suited. Other than creating fun videos with co-stars and colleagues, Hayley’s channel also provides viewers with content that channels her personality. Well, you’ll be glad to know that she’s one of the most popular actors and well-known YouTubers that live in Texas.

Male YouTubers That Live In Texas

7. Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect, a popular American sports and comedy group, consists of big shots like Tyler Toney, the Cotton Twins, Garrett Hilbert, and Cody Jones. All of them are former college roommates and their dynamic keeps everyone hooked. With a community of 59.3M subscribers, Dude Perfect is the second-most subscribed sports channel.

Moreover, they are also the 25th-most-subscribed channel across all genres. Great news for all the sports fans out there – Dude Perfect is headquartered in Texas! So, they are notably some of the most famous YouTubers that live in Texas. Keep an eye out and you might just meet someone from the channel.

8. Demolition Ranch (Matt Carriker)

Commonly known as Demo Ranch, Matt Carriker is the biggest American YouTuber in the gun industry. His main channel has a community of 11.3M subscribers and he has gained over 2B views across 631 videos. Matt also has two other channels that have helped him grow his overall community to 17M.

Demolition Ranch revolves around guns and provides viewers with intricate details. The military veteran also runs a vet clinic with his family and is one of the well-known YouTubers that live in Texas.

Matt Carriker also strives to create awareness about animal welfare and healthcare and has won several hearts. His other YouTube channel, OffTheRanch is his vlog channel and has garnered a separate audience.

9. Sypher PK (Ali Hassan)

One of the most well-known YouTubers that live in Texas, Sypher PK is a renowned name in the gaming industry. Originally known for his Twitch streams and videos, Sypher Pk shot into the spotlight for his animated videos and challenges. Ali Hassan started off with RuneScape, moved on to Elder Scrolls and ESO, and shifted to OverWatch and ForHonor.

Finally, he moved on to Fortnite and his current gaming videos revolve around it. Several people followed him for his Fortnite tips and gameplay available on the YouTube channel. This has helped him amass a community of over 6.62M subscribers and 1B views across 2.1K videos.

10. IDubbbzTV (Ian Kane Jomha)

Best known for his comedy video series, Ian Jomha is one of the popular YouTubers that live in Texas. Some of his series that receive special mention are – Content Cop, Bad Unboxing, and Kickstarter Crap. These series helped him create the community of 7.6M subscribers that he has today.

Generally, his YouTube videos feature other popular YouTubers and celebrities. This helps him reach out to a wider audience. However, Ian Jomha started his YouTube career by posting gaming videos.

Although he does post these videos, his comedy series and YouTube interviews have taken priority. If you are looking for videos to help you let out a laugh, iDubbbzTV is the perfect choice.

11. Kyle Exum

Kyle Exum, an American YouTuber, rapper, and music artist, is known for his hilarious skits and music. Originally a Vine creator, Kyle has come a long way with his YouTube channel. With over 5.55M subscribers and 709M views, the YouTuber posts new videos every week and stays engaged with his community.

His loyal followers have also helped him grow on other platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, Amazon, and TikTok. If you are a fan, you will be glad to know that he is one of the most popular black YouTubers that live in Houston Texas. If you are new to his channel, watch Dad’s Plan, a parody of Drake’s song God’s Plan.

12. The Spice King (Cameron Walker)

Cameron Walker, popularly known as The Spice King, is an American YouTuber, TikToker, content creator, and social media celebrity. One of the popular black YouTubers that live in Houston Texas, Cameron’s food-tasting videos helped him gain popularity. He started creating videos where he tastes and comments on spicy foods and snacks available.

Although it might seem weird, his hilarious commentary, style, and food choices make him popular among his audience. This has helped him create a community of 3.9M subscribers with 2B views and 597 videos.

13. Austin Mahone (Austin Harris Mahone)

If you love listening to pop covers and songs on YouTube, you have surely come across Austin Mahone. One of the popular Texas YouTubers, Austin is an American singer and songwriter that has won several hearts with his voice. With a community of over 4.87M subscribers and 1B views, Austin’s releases have received the popularity they deserve.

Best known for his singles ‘Say Somethin’, ‘What About Love’, and ‘Why Don’t We’, Mahone releases songs as an independent artist. The YouTuber has worked with Pitbull and Flo Rida and has even dated singer Camila Cabello and model Katya Elise Henry. If you’re a music lover living in Texas, you will be glad to know that he is one of the most well-known YouTubers that live in Texas.

14. AngryJoeShow (Jose Antonio Vargas)

An American gamer and reviewer, Jose Antonio Vargas, or AngryJoeShow, is one of the most-loved Texas YouTubers. Also considered the biggest American YouTuber by his fans, Joe’s comedic reviews on games have the audience in a fit.

Other than staying active on his channel, Jose Antonio Vargas appears on the channels of other YouTubers. His loyal following of 3.29M subscribers is a clear indication of the love and support he receives. If you’re not into gaming, his hilarious movie reviews are the perfect choice.

15. JC Caylen (Justin Caylan Castillo)

JC Caylen is a famous YouTube creator who creates and produces a mix of several videos. His videos offer his subscribers a glimpse into his life as a singer, actor, and creator. JC received his first following and exposure due to the YouTube supergroup called Our2ndLife.

Following this, JC’s compilation album Neptones claimed the #1 spot on the Top Dance/Rap Albums according to Billboard Magazine. Other than that, JC has also appeared in several films and TV series. With a community of 2.76M subscribers, JC Caylen is one of the well-known YouTubers that live in Texas.

16. Asmongold TV (ZackRawrr)

If you love all-in-one entertainment channels, you’ll surely love AsmongoldTV. Created by Zack, the channel features several highlights, competitions, and reaction content. Other than that, he frequently streams on Twitch and plays World of Warcraft. Zack often takes a break from gaming and streams Just Chatting where he streams chats with fans.

His relationship with his followers is completely transparent and has helped him create a community of over 1.83M subscribers. He has also received over 1B views across 2.9K videos on his main YouTube channel. Well, Zack lives in Texas and often meets fans!

17. Sodapoppin (Thomas Chance Morris)

A famous English Twitch streamer, Sodapoppin is one of the trending YouTubers from Texas. With a following of over 1.11M subscribers, he has gained more than 463M views across 1.8K videos. The streamer is well-known for playing a druid in the World of Warcraft and also had a short-lived career in Horse Club Adventures.

Sodapoppin has also received a lot of attention due to his ongoing legal battle with his ex-boyfriend, Vigors. Other than playing and streaming his favorite game, World of Warcraft, he sometimes ventures into others like VRChat. Good news for his fans – he lives in Texas and is one of the biggest YouTubers among them.


There are a lot of YouTubers that live in Texas and there’s a high chance you might meet someone you follow. Whether you are a sports lover or love watching beauty vlogs, you will surely find the content you will love. YouTubers are also quite famous for their transparency and videos, and a lot of people idolize them. This makes it difficult for them to venture out as they get bombarded by fans.

So, whatever you do, be respectful of their space and be polite always. This article lists the most famous YouTubers that live in Texas that we recommend keeping an eye out for. So, who are your favorites that you would like to meet? Let us also know about other YouTubers that you like. You can also send in your article suggestions via the comments below.

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