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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 100K Views?

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How Much Does YouTube Pay For 100K Views

For many YouTubers, hitting 100K views is one of their first goals. Reaching this milestone means that your channel is well on its way to the big leagues. But one question that every creator has is: how much money will these 100K views make me?

Without knowing your niche and location, it’s impossible to guess how much you’ll earn. But we can look at how much YouTube pays on average and what real YouTubers are making from 100K views.

How Much Does YouTube Pay for 100K Views in 2024?

The amount you earn for 100K views will depend on a few things, but the most important ones are:

  • Your niche (what your content is all about)
  • Your audience’s location

These two factors will have a huge influence on your RPM, which is the amount you’re paid for 1,000 views.

The average RPM range on YouTube is $5-$7, which means that 100K views may earn you:

  • $500-$700

But some niches can earn you significantly more or less than this range.

Let’s look at the average RPMs for the most profitable niches and see how much 100K views could earn you in each one.

  • Finance and Investing: $1.61-$29.30 RPM. For 100K views, that’s $161-$2,930.
  • Business: $18 RPM. That’s about $1,800 for 100K views.
  • Health and Fitness: $4-$10 RPM. You may earn anywhere from $400-$1,000 for 100K views.
  • Real Estate: $4-$84 RPM. For 100K views, you might earn $400-$8,400.
  • Tutorials: $15-$25 RPM, which would earn you about $1,500 to $2,500 for 100K views.

Depending on your niche, you can make anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

That’s a pretty big range. To get a more accurate picture of how much you can make, let’s look at some real earnings.

6 Creators Explain How Much YouTube Paid Them for 100K Views

These six YouTube creators explain how much they earned on YouTube from 100K views.

1. Collin Michael

Collin Michael is a YouTuber with 270K subscribers. His channel’s niche is video content creation. He’s passionate about helping people make a living with online video.

Since 2018, he’s uploaded 361 videos, and his channel has received over 26 million views.

To give his subscribers a better idea of how much he earns with YouTube, he shared how much he earns for 100K views.

How much did he make?

  • $315

Collin had an RPM of $3.15. Keep in mind that this is for his entire channel and not just one video.

In this video, he also shares that his channel had gotten 260K views in the last month, and that earned him $833.49.

2. Dukaja

Dukaja’s channel is all about anime, Genshin Impact and memes. But four years ago, he created a few review videos that have generated a lot of views over the years. And in a recent video, he revealed his earnings for one of these videos: G-Fuel Energy vs Razer Respawn.

That video had just over 100K views at the time when he published this video.

For an energy drink review, you’d expect to see some decent earnings, right?

Here’s what Dukaja actually earned:

  • $190.52

That’s an RPM of around $1.90, which is on the low end.

That video now has over 245K views, so we can estimate that he’s earned at least $380 for that one piece of content. It’s not the highest of earnings, but it could be worse.

In another earnings video, he shares his earnings from another G-Fuel-related video that got over 260K views: $1,169.57. That’s an RPM of around $4.40, which is more acceptable.

Dukaja now has several channels on YouTube. His main channel has 167K subscribers and has received over 74 million views over 637 videos.

3. Dzade K Tech

Dzade K Tech has a faceless YouTube channel that focuses on tech tutorials, like how to save private Telegram channels, how to change your Gmail address and more.

In a recent video, he shared how much he made for a video with 127K views on his channel:

  • $116.05

He says he typically earns around $0.93 per 1,000 views.

That video also earned him 153 new subscribers and added 2.1K watch hours to his channel.

Right now, Dzade K Techn has just over 9K subscribers, so hitting the 100K mark at this level is impressive.

4. Chanel Meyer

Chanel Meyer has a travel vlog that focuses mainly on Buenos Aires. She shares insights into her life there after moving abroad as a digital nomad. Because her content is more optimized for travel- and expat-related keywords, we can’t really say that any of her videos are tech- or entrepreneur-focused.

In a recent video, Chanel shared how much her channel earned after getting 100K views. Keep in mind that this is for her channel overall and not for a single video.

How much did she make?

  • $120.25

Now, here are a few other important things to keep in mind:

  • This figure is just for 28 days
  • At the time, she had only been monetized for a few months

And in just 28 days, she not only got 100K views, but she also added 329 new subscribers and added 4.1K watch hours to her channel.

For a relatively new channel, her numbers are promising.

5. Euan Copeland

Euan Copeland shares videos on personal finance, and he uploads new content twice a week. Euan is actually a Part-Qualified CIMA Accountant with a degree in accounting and finance, so he knows what he’s talking about.

Some of his top videos talk about living on $37,000 in London, investing and trading for beginners.

But how much does he make? In a recent video, he reveals how much YouTube paid him for 100K views in the UK:

  • £908.47

His channel had an RPM of £8.83.

For a channel that has just over 5K subscribers, his earnings are pretty impressive and will only expand over time as he continues to post new content.

6. UpTrend

UpTrend is a channel that’s focused on making money, from FOREX trading to blogging. Although, you will notice that some of his most recent content is off topic and focused mostly on celebrities.

It’s easy to see why he made this shift because these new videos are getting tons of views.

But in a recent video, he shared his earnings from YouTube.

For a video that received just over 100K views, he made:

  • $1,313.85

That’s an RPM of about $13.

He estimates that he makes about $100 per day from this one video alone.

That video also gave him 301 new subscribers and added 22K watch hours to his channel.


For many YouTubers, hitting the 100K view mark is a dream. It means you’ve built a solid channel and are on your way to becoming a full-time YouTuber. How much you earn at this stage will largely depend on your niche, but it can range anywhere from $100 to $1,000+.

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